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Our Story

Our Promise: 

High Quality, Affordable, 3-D Printed and Laser Cut Products.

Hi, my name is Trevor DePodesta, and I am 14 years old.  In the summer of my 5th grade year, I was introduced to 3D Printing, which led me to spending more time at my local library’s 3D Printing Lab.  After teaching myself everything from how the printers work, to 3D design, I began to spend my weekends selling lemonade and other odd jobs to make enough money for a 3D Printer.

This led to me starting Cool3D4Me - a company designed to create personalized 3D printed items for everyone.  Eventually the company grew, and I was able to get bigger and better machines, and now Cool3D4Me is a company designed to bring high quality and low cost 3D printed and laser engraved gifts.​

1st Place 3D Mixed Media La Jolla Art and Wine Festival

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